Hello world!

With some prodding by my teachers, I finally start my blog. To write. To rant.

I’m Sambhavi Ganesh, aa proud student of  political science in a family of techies and bankers. You might not think that it is a big deal, but please bear in mind that we are in fact talking about Tamilnadu, a state where there are more than 500 engineering colleges affiliated to a single university, and god knows how many more exist. Hence, most of my relatives have studied one or other branch of engineering and have become techies. As for the banking profession, the endless banter of banking policy in family gatherings bores me to death. My course is alien in my social circles, so much so that people wonder if my school score was so paltry that I had to study humanities and try to show some sympathy. In a funny irony, I can’t feel more happier about my course.

Having studied commerce in school (which was also hailed as something unique because hey, science is the norm), I did not know much about political science. And no, I still can’t answer why I chose the course; it was all very intuitive. On reflection, it was perhaps my feminist, left-liberal, social-norm-hating self that needed to find its voice. Basically, my entire existence is a tussle between the the sundry conservative thinking that comes with old world charm of my hometown, and my academic and student life (trust me, they mean two different things) in Delhi.

I read a lot of fiction, mostly to do with espionage and wars. The only fantasy I read is Harry Potter; I’ll gush over every tiny fact and make my own theories about HP. Always. My family wants me to be a singer in carnatic classical music, but I’m not interested, which invites quite some advice and suggestions about how I should not ‘waste’ my voice. I listen to bollywood music, coke studio, western classical and light jazz music instead.

That’s all I can think about myself for now. Please keep visiting this space for more posts!