Politics Is Everywhere, So Is Misogyny

(This post is from March.)

I’ve seen disturbing tweets generously coated with sexist remarks against this girl who asked a painfully relevant question to Christine Lagarde, whether or not inclusive growth would be restricted to Hindu males in this extremely patriarchal society coupled with a Hindu right-wing government. And I agree wholeheartedly with her not just because I know her personally. Some tweets said economics and politics were not related. Dear guardians of the country, kindly know your Marx before posting such stupid tweets. Politics is the base and economy is the superstructure. You just bashed her because you know that male privilege does exist and that Hindus are at an undue advantage and you don’t want to acknowledge it. None of your rash misogynistic tweets make any real sense. Asking sensible questions does not make her anti-Indian or dumb.


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